Other British Shaft Drive Motorcycles



I am sure there are hundred of specials out there using bike and car engines with shaft drive, but what makes Austell interesting is that the company (one man band?) probably turned out about 15-20 of these monsters at a rate of about 3 a year to special order.

The frame was specially made to accomadate an Austin 1100/1300 car engine... and what a lovely fit it was too! (see pictures).

'Dave' the source of information for this page states that the Austell was best as a side car puller and he actually knows someone who bought one. REMARKABLE!

The original Austin differential was modified to accept a specially made prop shaft, but the most horrible thing was that the gears were operated by two pedals, one left, one right....

One pedal operated left and right movement and the other backward and forward movement in the gearbox. In this way they did not have to modify the standard Austin 1100/1300 gearbox internals.

If anyone knows any more about this machine or has better photograph then please e-mail me details.


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