Electronic Ignition For The Sunbeam S7 and S8

How to build and install your own electronic Ignition Module

By Jeurgen Schuepbach

I always had a lot of problems starting my Sunbeam S7, I think the spark was poor and I had problems with the condenser. I had to change a broken condenser twice, this I think was due to the heat from engine.

So I decided to solve this proplems with an electronic transistor ignition module. 

The advantages of using this ignition system are: 

1. The delicate condenser is no longer required.

2. The contact breaker points aren‘t so stressed and the loss of contact materiel is very low. Therefore you don’t have to change the points at the service.

3. The engine is very easy to start. 

The electronic ignition circuit is very simple and it is easy to mount the Ignition module on the Sunbeam.


The Schematic of the EIS7-8 (Electronic Ignition S7-8)


The assembled Module (82mm x 50mm x 23mm)

Label Translation

Zündung = Ignition

Unterbrecher = Contact Breaker (points)

Zündspule = Ignition Coil

Masse = Power



To install the module in an Sunbeam S7 or S8, you have to remove or disconnect the condenser in the distributor. This is very important for proper operation.

In the electric box, you have to disconnect the white/brown wire from the ignition coil (SW).

Put the ignition module somewhere into the box isolated from vibration.

Connect the module as shown in the wiring diagram (see link below).

Connect terminal +6V on the module to earth.

Connect terminal -6V on the module to the ignition switch terminal IG.

Connect terminal SW on the module to the ignition coil terminal SW.

Connect terminal CB on the module to the white/brown cable from contact breaker.

 << Click here to see the wiring diagram of the Sunbeam with the EIS7-8 Module >>


The Sunbeam is now ready to ride. :-)


* Please Note *

This electronic ignition module has no timeout switch, this means that it may harm your motorcycle electrical system to turn on the ignition switch for long periods of time without running the engine.


The author of this document can also supply parts kits for self assembly @ £20 + carriage, or fully assembled and tested units for £60 + carriage. He will also process 'trade' orders for 10 complete units or more at £40 per unit + carriage. To order please contact: Juergen Schuepbach, Koppigen, Switzerland.

Email:  Juergen.schuepbach@isburg.ch

Website: http://www.schuepbach.org


 << Click here to see the wiring diagram of the Sunbeam with the EIS7-8 Module >>



* Disclaimer * 

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By attempting to build, install or operate this piece of equipment you accept all risk and consequence thereof.


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