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For a company that started out making swords, knifes and anything else with a sharp blade, Wilkinson (Sword) really did diversify whenever they saw the opportunity.

The firm has made most of it money over the last 100 years producing razors and garden equipment but from 1903 until 1916 motorcycles were also produced bearing their name.

In 1909 they produced the Touring Auto Cycle (TAC) which spawned a larger sister the Touring Motor Cycle (TMC) in 1911.

The Wilkinson Touring Motorcycle was originally a four cylinder, air and liquid cooled engine displacing 676cc. The engine size was gradually increased to 848cc and eventually 996cc.

One of the weirdest things about the bike however was that it was steered via a car style steering wheel rather than handlebars. The vehicle was redeveloped with a shaft drive in-line four cylinder engine in 1909.

Although the name Wilkinson appeared on the tank until the end of production in 1916, the motorcycle was actually produced by the Ogston Motor Company from 1914 till 1916. 




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