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This website is dedicated to Shaft Drive Sunbeam Motorcycles, that's the S7, S7 deluxe, and S8 models of 1946-1956. We are also happy to include any factory prototypes or homebrewed specials based on the original models.

We welcome anyone with an interest to register here whether there are a past, present or possible future owner, or just an enthusiast. In the bringing together of the International Sunbeam Community we can share knowledge and enjoy our interests.



THIS WEBSITE IS NOW OWNED BY STEWART ENGINEERING - THE Sunbeam Specialists... Our friends at www.roosterignitions.com are offering a 5 discount to all ClassicGlory members on their Rooster Booster electronic ignition systems... see below

Did You Know?...

Classicglory now boasts 645 registered members

who between them own 648 Sunbeam S7 and S8's

Classicglory currently has a member presence in 50 countries worldwide!

We have members in: - - - Argentina- Australia- Austria- Bahamas- Belgium- Brasil- Brazil- Canada- Columbia- Cuba- Cyprus- Czech-Republic- Denmark- Ecuador- Eire- England- Finland- France- Germany- Greece- India- Indonesia- Ireland- Isle of Man- Israel- Italy- Japan- Netherlands- New Zealand- Northern-Ireland- Norway- Pakistan- Panama- Peru- Portugal- Scotland- Slovenia- South Africa- Spain- Sweden- Switzerland- Thailand- The Netherlands- UAE- Uruguay- USA- Wales- Zimbabwe.

Beaming Out...

Good reasons to join our group...
Stewart Engineering have been involved in the supply, production and in some cases reproduction of previously unavailable parts for the Sunbeam S7 and S8 range since 1960. These have included 'Clutch modification kits', 'Engine Sump spacer kit' (To increase the oil capacity) and early 'S7 parts. We have also been able to supply or recommend many other parts and services and help return and keep many Sunbeams on the road. If there is any part or service your S7\S8 requires then let us know... we may already be able to help, if not and we have enough interest then we may be able to get the part\service you require through one of our contacts.
For those of you who do not have a complete parts list I have added these exploded diagrams to the Technical pages, this should also help when you have to order new parts from Stewarts or ask other website members if they have the part you are looking for.
Many members have started to send in contributions of restoration reports, stories, literature and photographs. This is fantastic and means that the site is written from many points of view... We want more!!!!. If you have modified your bike in anyway with an 8" brake, electronic ignition, alternator electrics or a different rear drive for example, then please tell us how you did it!

Now Available...

Hawker Electrical are now able to supply a dynamo to alternator conversion kit which looks reasonably standard.

Further details are available by clicking HERE or by contacting Sean Hawker directly.


If anyone hasn't downloaded a copy of the Sunbeam brochure supplied by Steve Benson (Articles and Gallery), I suggest you do as this is a really nice document and would look great on the wall alongside the 1919 8 Horse Power Sunbeam poster available at:




Everything you see on ClassicGlory is free, this includes the entire club\register\email-group and the hosting\upkeep of this website.

Hundreds of hours of work go into this project and if you have enjoyed what you have seen on this site, or have experienced through our email-group then please feel free to contribute a small amount using the Donation button below...


Stewart Engineering, Sunbeamland.com, Sunbeam S7 and S8 Super Profile, Illustrated Sunbeam History. dave@davesplace.free-online.co.uk, http://www.millards.org/sunbeams.htm.... More Details To Follow!

E-mail: sunbeams@classicglory.co.uk